Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Design a No Non-Sense Business Model Out of an Innovation Project

    • Module 1.1 - The building blocks of a startup business model

    • Module 1.2 - Aiming for pain points and prioritizing your incubation time

    • Module 1.3 - Customer’s ROI, B2B value analysis and pricing

    • Module 1.4 - Roadmapping technology for maximum differentiation

    • Module 1.5 - Connecting the dots between the startup strategy and its marketing

    • Module 1.6 - Putting together a first viable business model

  • 2

    Part 2: Develop a Scalable Startup Culture with your Team and Associates

    • Module 2.1 - Building a culture framework and why culture indeed eats strategy for breakfast

    • Module 2.2 - Wiring in startups connectivity to its ecosystem and market (“Connect”)

    • Module 2.3 - Driving through uncertainty by aligning values, vision and team (“Lead”)

    • Module 2.4 - Building the first processes fit for a startup (“Operate”)

    • Module 2.5 - Debugging the 3 cultural biases and adjusting team development priorities

    • Module 2.6 - Anticipating the 6, 12 and 18 months milestones and preparing for scale up

  • 3

    Part 3: Reach Out and Sell an Innovation to the Early Market

    • Module 3.1 - How to appear and make your mark in an early market

    • Module 3.2 - Becoming a key opinion leader on your innovation

    • Module 3.3 - Harvesting and organizing qualified contacts

    • Module 3.4 - Graduating active contacts to PoC customers

    • Module 3.5 - Upgrading PoC customers to regular sales

    • Module 3.6 - Ramping up and organizing your sales funnel


Disruption & Innovation Strategist

Philippe MEDA

Philippe is a recognized specialist in market disruption strategies and business model innovation. Born and raised in biotech research and industry, he has hands-on experience in how tech and science lead to business.

Cultural & Team Specialist

Stéphanie Mitrano

Specialist in Executive Coaching and Entrepreneurial Mentoring, insightful and open-minded, Stéphanie accompanies organisations in their cultural transformation to support innovation.

Business Developper

Vivien Ruivaco

Seasoned B2B business professional, known for the ability to drive international marketing & sales activities in disrupted industries with contagious passion and resilience.